Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Red is an otherwise beautiful color except when it represents communism.

A flawed concept borne of the challenges of rapid industrialization and social change (and real injustices) in the early 1800’s its “answer” is always written in the red blood of its victims from which springs the green (profit) of the perpetrators.  It isn’t that Marx didn’t identify legitimate problems, but the answer of “let us smart guys lead you, we kill all the bad people and then we will give up power” was, is, and always will be horseshit.   For all the flaws of Chiang Kai-shek both China, and the world, would be much better off if Franklin Roosevelt’s failing health in 1944 (and overoptimism about his powers of persuasion) had not enabled awful concessions at Yalta with regard to Eastern Europe and communist sympathizers in the State Department, Treasury Department and U.S. media to undermine military, economic and diplomatic support which enabled Mao Zedong to achieve power in 1949.  Communism, like its close neighbor fascism end up in the same place but from different directions:  Powerful elites control society in lieu of relationship with God / higher power, family relationships and unalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  When billionaires (Ray Dalio for example) or political actors like Justin Trudeau evince admiration for the CCP…they are not kidding.  You are on one side, the other, or pretending out of fear otherwise.  You know, already, who you are.

A National Suicide:  Military Aid to the Soviet Union           (1973)          Antony C. Sutton
The book that got Sutton fired by the Hoover Institution.  Make no mistake, Hoover does great work but it is also an “establishment” institution affiliated with a name school (Stanford) so one must be circumspect.  Sutton did not play the game. 

Guangdong Province War Mobilization                            May 24, 2022
Audio / visual of top secret military – civilian planning session smuggled out of China.  Translated and published by the courageous Jennifer Zeng.  CCP is literally mobilizing for war with Taiwan / West to include establishing joint military – civilian command elements, retrofitting 64 10,000 ton cargo ships (plus others) and recruiting 12,500 troops from the province alone.  Also mobilized 21 network & control attack units.  Whatever transpires – ignoring this is foolish.

Chinese Communist Espionage, An Intelligence Primer             (2019)          Peter Mattis, Matthew Brazil

Lays out historical and updated intelligence collection structures of the CCP’s pervasive global intelligence operations.  Profiles past and current leaders and a full glossary of Chinese language intelligence terms.  Useful for any CISO or senior executive concerned with information security and espionage (and if they are not, they shouldn’t be senior executives!).

Chinese Foreign Affairs Professor Di Dongsheng joking about CCP owning Joe Biden and Wall Street with 500,000 viewers…

Time stamp 3:44, 4:04 and 9:30 for the low lights…