Free society is under cognitive assault.  The broad suppression of information by Google (which controls over 90% of global search), disintegration of mainstream media into propaganda services for powerful, unelected interests continues to corrode civil society in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Sun Tzu noted that if one can shape the terrain of battle that victory is assured before the fight.  Put another way, when others control what you see, or do not see, they own your head.

Each link below leads to a resource that is worth your time, and worth sharing with others.  The list below could go on for miles but if you still watch network television (ANY of them) or fail to reevaluate your pathways of information  after reviewing these materials I can’t help you.  It’s okay.   

Future Military Intelligence CONOPS 2035-2050 (Feb. 2019), Edward L. Haugland, SES, Senior Advisor for S&T Outreach and Technical ISR. 

Four key findings: 

1.  DoD continues to function with outmoded, industrial age processes.   

2.  Info and democratization of tech has changed warfare. 

3.  2018 NSS address the threat. 

4.  Money needs to be spent now.

Information Peacekeeping: The Purest Form of War3/11/1998 – Robert D. Steele.  Written by the legendary founder of the open source movement (OSS) whom I had the pleasure of meeting in the late 1990’s.  One of several thoughtful, high integrity alumni of Foggy Bottom who believe the CIA should be shuttered (96% of intelligence is obtained open source these days).  

Media Ownership map (May 2021).  Six mega firms control most mainstream media channels.  Real story is worse.  It is easier to find a pro-communist China miniseries on Netflix than pro-America.

The Creepy Linechilling documentary of Google’s cognitive operations against society.

Meet JigsawGoogle’s Intelligence Agency – psychological warfare against U.S. society.  (ZeroHedge, 7/10/2021).

How to Escape GoogleThe intelligent analyst will develop their own collection plan and trusted sources.  University libraries, think tanks, individuals.  Search results are worse than useless because they hide most information.  (ZeroHedge, 11/26/2021) 

LinkedIn4/26/2021 – me telling LinkedIn to screw off.  Microsoft owned LinkedIn censors information, promotes marxian propaganda and false narratives.  Note founder Reid Hoffman bundled $21 million for Joe Biden in the 2020 campaign.  No conflicts here!