Marxian/German Infiltration of the U.S. 

(Since the 1800s)

The Uniparty.  Davos.  Globalists.  It is nothing new.  Wall Street funded the Bolsheviks and Hitler.  The Swope Plan (authored by GE CEO Gerald Swope) was modeled on Benito Mussolini’s corporatist economic model.  Did the U.S. State Department “lose” China in 1949?  Yes, with help from communists in the U.S. Department of Treasury who starved the Nationalists of funds against FDR’s knowledge and wishes.  

Stumbling across the biography of Patrick Hurley led to me discovering a tough, patriotic American and problem fixer for FDR who was offered the Vice Presidency but has been memory holed out of popular history for his efforts against communism.  It also brought me to Kubek’s How the Far East Was Lost.  Imagine how different the world would be if China was like Taiwan.  Antony Sutton, a researcher at the Hoover Institution, was tossed out on his ear after publishing the uncomfortable truth that the Soviet Union relied on a lot of American technology that killed American servicemen in multiple wars.  

Every American citizen should educate themselves.  These books are well researched and footnoted, leading to other sources of study.  Your TV and social media cannot help you.

A National Suicide:  Military Aid to the Soviet Union           (1973)          Antony C. Sutton
The book that got Sutton fired by the Hoover Institution.  Make no mistake, Hoover does great work but it is also an “establishment” institution affiliated with a name school (Stanford) so one must be circumspect.  Sutton did not play the game. 

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution                            (1974)          Antony C. Sutton
Averill Harriman, Julius & Armand Hammer, Jacob Schiff, J.P. Morgan interests.  Everybody wanted the Tsar gone; it was Wall Street that funded the Bolsheviks so they could win the internal battle.  I already knew about the Hammers but this book stunned me.

Wall Street and the Russian Revolution (1905-1925)              (2017)           Richard B. Spence
Affiliated with the University of Idaho since 1986, Dr. Spence is an expert on Russian history and military history and consultant to the International Spy Museum.  Dr. Spence’s book is a thorough, well researched compilation of communist activity in the United States from the 1880’s onward including the cooperation major Wall Street firms and corporate leaders through Trotsky, often funneling cash through Scandinavia.

Wall Street and FDR                                                                     (1975)         Antony C. Sutton
The New Deal was basically the Swope Plan (big industry + big trade associations) – a.k.a. Corporate Fascism to combat Communism.  Everybody wanted “order” in the 1930’s – it was just a matter of who would be in charge.

The Plot to Seize the White House                                               (1973)         Jules Archer
It will not surprise you that Wall Street, after funding FDR’s defeat of Herbert Hoover, sought to “own” the New Deal.  Kind of like German Industrialists thought they could control Hitler (1932) or U.S. investment banks thought they would influence Obama (2008).  NEVER works out that way.  In fact, after the 2008 election it took until December 2009 before I could find a single CEO (of a major U.S. trucking company) that had read one of Obama’s books.  Until then, every damn one thought they could dictate to the President how things would work.  What is the veracity of the claims in this book?  As the House Un-American Activities (HUAC) final report stated in 1934: “there is no question that these attempts were discussed, were planned, and might have been placed in execution when and if the financial backers deemed it expedient.”  Put another way, if USMC Major General Smedley O. “Old Gimlet Eye” Butler says it happened, it happened.

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler                                            (1976)        Antony C. Sutton
Getting the idea yet that Sutton was radioactive to corporate managers and large publishing houses?  The list of funders includes the Morgan interests (bring this up the next time someone from Morgan Stanley tries to put on “airs”, the Citigroup CEO (then National City), DuPont, Ford…

There were multiple agendas at play by the time the United States entered World War II.  While U.S. isolationism kept America out until the bombing of Pearl Harbor, once the U.S. jumped in the Nation was in.  Unfortunately, other agendas were in play.  Stalin leveraging his agents in the U.S. to prevent a Japanese surrender in 1944 (which they wanted to do), State and Treasury Department players working to starve Chiang Kai-Shek of resources enabling the eventual communist takeover of China.  The consequences:  Two atom bombs, the Pacific War extended by one year and at least 30 million Chinese dead through Mao’s disastrous policies and oppression, and at least $200 billion of additional military spending required by the U.S. every year to address CCP controlled China.  These three books are must reads:

How the Far East Was Lost:  American Policy and the Creation of Communist China, 1941-1949        (1963)        Anthony Kubek
Well researched analysis of China’s loss to Stalin and State/Treasury/Media malfeasance.  The footnotes alone make it worth reading.  Led me to read, as well, the Forrestal Diaries and numerous other sources.  Outstanding, intellectually honest research and analysis out of the University of Dallas.

Patrick J. Hurley        (1956)         Don Lohbeck
Roosevelt’s special envoy. Fought state dept. commies. Though a lifelong Republican FDR asked him if he wanted to be Vice President.  He declined. An incredible life story.  Born to poor Irish immigrants he mined coal and became an avid reader as a young boy in the living room of the Choctaw Indian chief from whom his parents rented land to farm.  Taught to be a cowboy by none other than Will Rogers.  Instrumental in fighting communists and appeasers in the State and Treasury departments who were undermining Chinese Nationalist government (which was weak and corrupt) in favor of the communists.  Whitewashed from “known” history for wrong think except for a biased wikipedia bio that does not do him justice.

Wedemeyer Reports!              (1958)         Albert C. Wedemeyer
Opposed State Dept. Commies in China. Viewed Churchill and Roosevelt as poor strategists.  George C. Marshall’s right hand on the War Planning Board, architect of the “Victory Program” making defeat of Germany in Europe the prime U.S. war aim.  Having attended the Kriegsakademie from 1936-38 as an exchange student he was thus considered a foremost expert on German military strategy.  Later served as Chief of Staff to Lord Mountbatten (Southeast Asia Command) and later Chiang Kai-Shek.  Had Truman listened to him and not the State Department “experts” history since 1949 would be far, far different.  (No CCP, no Korean War…).  He had his flaws (intellectual humility was not his strength and he was clearly, in my opinion, anti-semitic) but the world has paid a heavy price for his advice being ignored in favor of collectivist / marxist influence.

These two offer further perspective.

The War on Gold                                                                            (1977)      Antony C. Sutton
Not the only analysis of how Gold keeps central bankers in check but better than most.  Interesting perspective on U.S. political pressure toward South Africa being traceable to an anti-gold stance once the U.S. devalued. 

America’s Secret Establishment:  An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones     (1986)        Antony C. Sutton
Eye opening. Skull & Bones supported both Nazis and Communist Russia. Play both sides.  Not as well footnoted as the other books in this list owing to the subject matter.  I give credence to the book on the strength of his prior work where more public information is available.  A worthwhile read because it traces the origin of Skull & Bones to collectivist societies in Germany in the 1800’s, not to go “ooh, aah” over names of members.

Where are we today?  Corrupt links between funded, communist street gangs and our justice system (Soros funded district attorneys).  Didn’t happen in a week.  The Comintern went after our education, media and government bureaucracies and went 3 for 3.  It took decades for the infection to spread before arriving where we are today:  Career / job risk for professional white collar employee to engage in “wrong-think” (does not reflect “our” values) and usually submitting their children to multiple years of child abuse (perma-masking) and remaining silent in the face of blatant attacks on family and civil society.  Be honest.  If you are making a six figure income in a public company you must state your allegiance to racial quotas, subversion of any real form of faith to “the non-binary” and fill in the blank.  You must deny wrong think as State Street, BlackRock and Vanguard foist collectivism on you (ESG), supported by “HR” indoctrination efforts populated by a thoroughly rotted out education system.  My top selections:


A Book Too Risky to Publish:  Free Speech and Universities     (2020)     James R. Flynn
SMART Lefty on Academia, Censorship, IQ, Black Studies, Women’s Studies, Critical thinking.  A brilliant book.  Title chosen because of “pressure” on a “name” publisher led to its being cancelled.  Dr. Flynn brought it to Academia Press which to our benefit, published this wonderful work.  


The Dictatorship of Woke Capital       (2021)        Stephen R. Soukup
Steve is the publisher and co-founder of the Political Forum, founded along with legendary Wall Street thinker and political economist Mark Melcher after the dismantling of Prudential Securities’ Washington Research Group in the early 90’s.  As a harbinger of things to come, the team was decimated by a senior executive friendly to then President Bill Clinton and did not like the idea of having two sides to an argument.  Steve’s work is an outstanding analysis of how deeply collectivist forces have penetrated under the trojan horse of ESG – a laudable concept but also rife with opportunity for coercion and abuse.  The “Big 3” indexers – Larry Fink’s BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street – collectively hold about 30% of public equity in the United States – which means CEOs (who are hired hands and not really independent) cross them at their peril.  Always follow the money.  Ditto Disney and Amazon.  


Licensed to Lie:  Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice                                                    (2014)         Sidney Powell

Unmasked:  Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy                                                           (2021)         Andy Ngo