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Welcome to my personal website. I am a student of history who integrates knowledge and insight from many sources to serve my teaching, research and commercial activities.

June 2020 – mid 2022 has been an incredibly stimulating period intellectually. Reading an additional 60+ books (25,000+ pages) and counting, logging 15,000+ miles on four cross-country road trips and teaching at multiple universities plus private practice. From Vietnam to Azerbaijan there is much to learn and do. Damn the Global Reset, full speed ahead!

Brian Langenberg (July 2022)

Why this website: Homebase, Control and Content

Home base:  This is where you find me.

Control: My commentary was receiving up to 25,000 reads before the Microsoft Marxists on LinkedIn began censoring my work as well as challenges to dishonest propaganda. They had 100% visibility on my content. Never again. If you value freedom and independence, dump big tech. If you do not, you won’t have any.

Content: Anything on my site is yours for personal use, including materials and tools intended for students.


A high-impact professor teaching economics, banking and finance, I have turned around a graduate business program, grown a university’s business internship program by 75%, completed the AACSB Bridge Program (only 5% of business programs globally are accredited) and coached numerous students and interns into successful careers.

B.A. in Economics, St. Norbert College
M.B.A. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, concentrations in Finance & Transportation.

Student Resources

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College Advising

Colleges overcharge to cover bloated admin costs and wasteful programs. High school guidance counselors are worse than useless. Their background is in psychology, not planning a cost effective college education. Read my brochure.

High School / Pre-College

Call me if your child’s ACT is 21-27 and he or she is a junior or senior in high school.  My strategies can help your child graduate from a good college debt free and with a job!

ACT score is 20 or less learn a trade.  Compare these “college degree” starting salaries (as of 2019) versus a good trade or Amazon.

ACT 28+ the game is maximize scholarships and competitive schools. I will refer you to the best advisor I know.

Already in school but not sure what you want to do? My services are affordable and a fraction of the cost of spending money and then finding out you should have majored in something else.



Purchasing books here keeps 67% of your money in local communities.  I have assembled curated collections from my personal library on an “only the best, this could change your thinking” basis.  Just click on the title and purchase from independent bookstores instead of Jeff Bezos and his Washington Post AgitProp.  Another great source is

Biographies & Business Histories
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Trusted Insight

Over 90% of written, verbal and visual communication is bullshit (nearly 100% network or cable television). Anything provided below has been vetted by me on a “if not verified, do not include” basis. Conclusions and judgements are one thing but facts are facts.

U.S. Real Estate – buy or sell in one chart.  

Cognitive War – psyops conducted against the public integrated with media, social platforms and censorship.   

CCP – greatest force for evil in the world with deep penetration of U.S. business, political, media and cultural entertainment elites.


Public company research is published through Langenberg & Company for institutions.  

Expertise includes transportation and logistics, oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, industrial manufacturing and education.

Typical services:
–  Strategic planning and market research 
–  Interim CFO/senior leadership
–  Valuation
–  Corporate development
–  Financing – project, equity, or debt



Brian built a successful investment and Wall Street career earning recognition in Institutional Investor’s All-America Research Team at Credit Suisse First Boston, and later Wall Street Journal All-Star Team and Starmine’s Best Brokerage Analysts. He continues to work with investors, CEOs and senior executives in the global industrial, energy, resources and related sectors advising on strategy, business valuation, capital markets and geopolitics.

In the field of education Brian leverages his professional, teaching and education leadership experience to deliver solutions and services that benefit students.

Teaching CV – for those who want details.

Photo gallery

January 6 – yeah, I met the Shaman. No, I did not charge the capital!  Almost asked for his photo and if I had known who he was at the time I definitely would’ve asked! It was a mostly peaceful protest (except for FBI-backed mayhem and idiots).

Brian’s Great Western Adventure of 2021 – left Green Bay, WI on 6/2/2021 in my Hyundai with camping gear, no map, no interstate, and no plan except “Glacier National Park, then figure it out” – 6 weeks, 16 states, 9,500 miles of glorious America. A photographic tour.

And more to come!

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